4 Ways to Grow Your Newsletter for Free

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This is the most effective and reliable strategy for anyone who has less than 100 subscribers.

The very first thing you should do is message all your friends, family, and colleagues. Let them know you have a newsletter and that they should subscribe.

Call in every favor you can. Getting off the ground with a newsletter is no joke.

If you’ve run out of friends to ask, it’s time to make some more.

The second thing you need to do is send a message to everyone you can find in your target audience.

The trick here is simple: Make a connection first. Then, and only then, invite them to join your newsletter.

Here’s how to do it.

If your target audience is not business-related (e.g. news, hobbies, sports newsletters) then message people on Twitter (I refuse to call it X).

If your target audience is people in business (e.g. marketing / business ideas / real estate newsletters) then message people on LinkedIn AND Twitter.

Step 1 (Find the most popular people in your niche): Find all the most influential creators on Twitter and add them to a “List”.

Step 2 (Find people to message): Go to the most recent posts from the influencers on your List. Open up the comments on the Tweet, and message every single person who has commented on that Tweet. These people will be much more likely to respond to your DMs.

Step 3 (Make a connection): Your mission is to make this person your friend. That means your first goal is to have a normal conversation. Spark a conversation, and even try to organize a call with them. Here are some things you could say / ask:

  • Hey there! I noticed you’re really into [shared interest]. What are your thoughts about [insert conversation topic]?
  • I can see from your profile you’re super knowledgeable about [topic]… what are your thoughts on [insert conversation topic]?
  • I LOVE your post on [recent post]. I’d love to hear more about your approach to content.
  • Hey hey! I’m trying to learn as much about the [niche] space as possible… would you be down for a chat sometime? Trying to meet as many like-minded people as I can

Step 4 (Shoot your shot):
After you’ve built a rapport with the person (minimum of 3-4 days after your first conversation) ask them if they would consider subscribing to your newsletter.


How to message people on LinkedIn

  • Step 1 (Find a LinkedIn Group): Find a LinkedIn Group that is relevant to your niche.
  • Step 2 (Engage in the Group): Start engaging in conversations and sharing your expertise and knowledge. Ask questions to spark conversations. Do NOT shill your newsletter yet.
  • Step 3 (Message people): After having a few conversations with people in the LinkedIn Group, add them and start making a connection (see step 3 in the Twitter guide above).
  • Step 4 (Shoot your shot): After establishing a connection with someone, ask them to consider subscribing to your newsletter.

It’s going to be a grind (enjoy it)

Your first 1,000 followers are going to be a grind, but it gets easier (I promise).

This strategy of messaging strangers is highly unscalable, but you have to do everything in your power to get the momentum going.

I LOVE this method for three reasons:

  1. It’s effective (i.e. lots of new subscribers)
  2. You’ll make actual friends and connections that can help you on your journey
  3. You’ll learn a lot. Use this time as an opportunity to learn as much as you can about your topic. You’ll learn everything about your audience’s problems and desires, and you can craft content that helps them solve it.

Shoot your shot

If you want to practice this method, go ahead and shoot me a message on Twitter. Let’s connect!