Automation Blocks for Premiere Pro

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This subject isn’t sexy and it isn’t even remotely close to fun:  Shot Logs and Music Cue Sheets – painstaking tasks that editors universally find less than thrilling but are a necessary evil to the job. The good news?  Mamoworld’s Automation Blocks for Premiere Pro is here to make these tasks not only bearable but surprisingly speedy.

First things first though, you’ll want to clean your sequence as if you’re prepping for finish.  That basically means to organize it and clean out the unused clips.  Look at my Advanced Workflows course if you’re interested in hearing more.

shot log example

The Create-Shot-Log-CSV automation is almost too straightforward.  Simply select a sequence, select the automation, choose the log type (video & audio, video only, audio only) and click run.  Seconds later, your sequence has been conformed into a cleanly formatted CSV file on your desktop with the apt name “Shot-Log.csv”.


One thing to note is that if you’re creating multiple logs or revising, you need to either rename or delete the “Shot-Log.csv” file each time the automation is run or instead of a new file, additional rows of information will be added to the current file on the desktop.