bridge – Attempting to utilize multiple Internet sources to local home network

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I live in an area without any high speed internet access. Currently I am using a cell phone hotspot connected through a wireless to wired bridge to my home wired/wireless networks (the cell service only allows ONE connection to the hotspot). I would like to increase my bandwidth using multiple cell services/hotspots and have not found any good resources for doing that. I am aware of devices like the TP-Link ER605 that offer multiple WAN/load balancing capabilities, but that’s not the entire answer.

What is the best (consumer) solution to load balance WAN traffic?
What is the best solution to convert the wireless hotspot to the (typical) wired load balancer?

I’d prefer a few simple ‘boxes’ over something like building a *nix system with various software and some network adapters, and I’m fine with having to use DD-WRT/OpenWRT if that’s necessary.

I realize that StarLink might be the best answer to the overall problem, but it is more costly than multiple cellphones rates currently are.