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RVTools technology was just acquired by Dell Technologies from its original founder, Rob de Veij.

Rob is still supporting the program as part of the Dell team. Dell is committed to keeping RVTools available as a no cost public download, so it can continue to be an open asset for the technical community.

RVTools has been a widely used utility for VMware environments for the past 15 years, helping users make accurate decisions around planning, deploying, and managing virtual infrastructures.

According to those FAQ, Dell is committed to keeping RVTools current with VMware’s release schedule AND RVTools has always been made available to the public at no cost, and Dell has no plans to change this model.

But it’s clear that Dell’s plan could be to integrate it with Dell Live Optics.

While RVTools is focused on VMware, Live Optics provides similar insights for physical servers, cloud deployments, storage infrastructure, file and data protection environments.

Actually these two software offers can be used together or independently (acutually Live Optics can also import data from RVTools), but I guess that there could be a sort of future integration.

Considering that IBM has acquired Turbonomic, HPE has acquired CloudPhysics, this could be a move to build a better Dell’s assessment tool.