FireCut AI for Premiere Pro

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And the best part? You pay once and own my toolkit forever with guaranteed free updates… Not too bad, huh? 😉 Now back to FireCut AI!

Multicam: The Podcast Wizard

In the world of podcast editing, FireCut’s “Multicam” tool promises a one-click podcast edit. I can see video editors doing a happy dance with its nifty features, especially that cool speaker-switching frequencies slider and the auto-cutaway magic. But, here’s the lowdown – if you roll with the Multicam tool, brace yourself for some rhythmic déjà vu. The time between each cutaway is too regular. My advice? Add some personal touch to revive the rhythm and bring more life into your edit. Just a friendly nudge for FireCut – Mutlicam is a cool tool, but there is still some area for improvement.

Add Captions: The Textual Symphony

Now, lets tackle one of the crucial tasks for content these days – adding captions. Transcribing with lightning speed, FireCut AI offers styled and text-only options. Results – for me it is definitely a way more convenient tool compared to my usual workflow of using Premiere to Transcribe, exporting the SRT file and using Submachine to create my animated captions. I do appreciate the convenience, however, if you’re just looking to animate the captions, the monthly cost to use FireCut is higher than other tools on the market. So the question is, is the cost worth it? If you use the Multicam + Captions feature, I say yes, but I hope in the future FireCut will let you select which tools you pay for, for example, if you only need the captions 🙂