How Can Speech Analytics Transform Call Center Operations?


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Analysis of calls and quality control of interactions are among the main components of any call center’s operation, regardless of whether these are sales departments, user support services, or hotlines. But anyone who has dealt with this in real conditions often faces a choice between two options — to spend a massive amount of effort, resources, and time listening to and analyzing each call or to select only some of them, sometimes missing important details and aspects.

The is designed to solve both problems: it processes all calls and does it quickly. However, this list of tool capabilities is broader than this. In the article, we will talk about five reasons for using speech analytics in call centers.

What are speech analytics tools, and why should they be used in call centers?

Speech analytics is a tool that enables companies to analyze and extract valuable information from interactions with customers effectively. It helps companies improve their business processes, enhance customer service quality, and make informed decisions based on content analysis.

Speech analytics is used in call centers to :

Evaluate service quality

Speech analytics allows for automatically analyzing call center operators’ conversations and service quality assessment. With this tool, companies can identify weaknesses, conduct training and coaching sessions for operators, and enhance customer service.

Identify problem areas

Speech analytics identifies key moments in conversations, such as mentioning specific products or services, customer sentiment, or issues or complaints. This helps businesses better understand customer needs, identify strengths and weaknesses in their products, and improve overall communication.

Analyze emotions

Speech analytics can determine the emotional tone of conversations and assess customer mood. Such information enables companies to take measures to improve service levels, meet customer needs, and prevent potential issues.

Monitor script compliance

Speech analytics automatically checks whether all necessary steps are being followed and whether all required information is provided to customers during the conversation. This control helps prevent errors and ensure a high level of service.

Speech analytics for call centers represents the optimal solution for businesses, enabling increased operational efficiency, improved service quality, and uncovering hidden growth opportunities. It opens up new possibilities by providing data and insights that help make informed decisions.

How Can Speech Analytics Transform Call Center Operations
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Speech analytics benefits for call centers

Time optimization and cost savings

Imagine that there are “talked about” three thousand minutes per month in your company. This is a small amount and corresponds to a small group of operators. You would have to spend 375 full eight-hour working days to just listen to all these calls. More than one year!

Of course, you could hire a quality control department with several employees who would listen to the recordings in parallel, resulting in additional costs. But what if there are even more calls? Five to seven thousand per month?

With such an example, the benefits of automatic speech analytics become evident. The system processes all calls that occur in the contact center. The principle of operation is as follows: the voice recording of the conversation is translated into text and then analyzed according to the parameters you set (which we will discuss later). It is crucial to understand that the entire process occurs in parallel without spending additional working hours.

Quality control process improvement

The system begins its analysis once all calls have been transcribed into text. Among the parameters that can be tracked are speech rate, interruptions (by both the operator and the customer), the percentage of silence in the total conversation time, and the use (or absence) of specific words from dictionaries.

In addition to working with dictionaries, the system tracks the number of calls and talk time — average, total, and minimum — for each operator individually.

As a result, all the gathered information generates reports for the call center and individual ones for employees. The scoring system automatically assigns a rating to each call and groups all calls based on these ratings. At any time, the manager can open the list, see which calls had higher (good) or lower (poor) ratings, and determine what went wrong in conversations with fewer points.

Regardless of the number of calls, the need will only remain to review the generated reports, acknowledge those who performed well, and work on improvement with those who didn’t fare as well.

Gaining insights

Speech analytics helps companies identify recurring problems or customer inquiries. For example, the system may discover that many customers are asking about product returns or delivery conditions, enabling the company to take steps to improve these service aspects.


Speech analytics enables companies to provide personalized service experiences. For example, the system can identify customer preferences and offer relevant products or services based on their interaction history with the company. This tailored approach enhances customer satisfaction and fosters stronger customer relationships.

How Can Speech Analytics Transform Call Center Operations
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Efficiency and productivity improvement

Speech analytics aids companies in optimizing call center operations and boosting operator productivity. For instance, the system can identify effective communication strategies that lead to more successful outcomes. By leveraging these insights, companies can streamline their processes, improve performance, and achieve better results.

Wrapping up

It is important to emphasize that many services when used correctly, can bring more benefits than initially apparent. Speech analytics is a shining example of this.

It improves service quality, employee training, and strengthening customer relationships, ultimately leading to company growth and success. Investing in developing and implementing custom speech analytics solutions is an essential step towards achieving these goals and stimulating company development.

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