Medium: Please remove the TypeScript code option or fix it | by Teri Radichel | Bugs That Bite | Jan, 2024

Something brings my typing to a crawl every time I add a code box that specifies “typescript”

Teri Radichel
Bugs That Bite

You can add a box with code in it to Medium which is pretty cool — except when it’s not.

On a Mac type this:


So you type that combination of keys and you get a box that looks like this in edit mode:

As you can see it’s got (TypeScript) in parenthesis, meaning it’s interpreting my entry as TypeScript and trying to do something behind the screens to auto format my code, I guess. I don’t have time and not getting paid to reverse engineer this so not going to do that right now.

If you click the down arrow you get a list of options and I always change it to “none” because with TypeScript and some of the others, copy and paste doesn’t work, nor can you format your code yourself. But that’s not the biggest problem.

TypeScript what are you doing??

Well I kind of lied. I’m reverse engineering this a little bit. I went into Chrome dev tools after adding the above box with TypeScript as the selected language. Here’s what I see:

Whatever code is executing when you select TypeScript gets repeated errors that slows your typing down to a crawl. Hopefully it’s not doing anything worse.

This has been happening for quite some time and surprised it’s not been reported by more people and fixed yet. I don’t use that option so just always quickly switch off it but maybe this post will help get it fixed.

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