Problems With IRS Pins and Turbotax IPPIN Entry | by Teri Radichel | Bugs That Bite | Mar, 2024

Turbo Tax refile doesn’t send you to the right place and missing paperwork supposedly sent by the IRS that was never received

Teri Radichel
Bugs That Bite


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I’ve written about issues with IRS verification processes in the past.

This year, same as last year, our tax returns got rejected saying they need an IPPIN.

The problem is that I went through the TurboTax checkout process again and it never asked me for the pins so I submitted it and it got rejected twice.

At some point TurboTax popped up a screen that said we were supposed to get letters supposedly with these pins. I keep all my mail for my records. Neither my husband or I got any such letter. That same page also said that if you didn’t get a letter you can call some number at the IRS, but after finding that screen once I could not find it again and clicking the fix your return button doesn’t sedn you back to the correct screen to change it.

What I figured out is that you can get this pin online if you log into your IRS account and go to a specific page for that purpose.

Then when you get back into TurboTax you can search for IPPIN to get to the page where you enter the pins.

If you are married filing jointly you will need to enter a pin for each spouse.

As mentioned before if you haven’t already gotten your IRS account set up it’s a good idea to do that right away and add multi-factor authentication to prevent fraud.

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