Setting Up A Delegated Organizations Administrator With CloudFormation | by Teri Radichel | Cloud Security | Jan, 2024

ACM.428 Moving our organization delegated administrator and service control policy deployment to our deployment container

Teri Radichel
Cloud Security


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In the last post I showed how to run git-secrets and introduced GitHub policies to prevent users from checking secrets into GitHub.

Rather than throw away useful constructs, prevent the things you don’t want to happen. I wrote about that here:

What’s an AWS Organizations Delegated Administrator?

I covered that in this post:

Selecting a delegated administrator account

In this post I’m going to make my policies account in the governance organizational unit (OU) the delegated administrator for our organization so it can manage the Service Control Policies (SCPs) for the organization.

Recall that I’ve already created some AWS accounts.

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