testing – Using a switch and a pc to test the ports of another switch that resides in a device I wish to test

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I need to verify the operation and signal integrity of the ports on the Device.

You can verify operation with a simple software test but you can’t verify (analog) signal integrity without special equipment.

A managed switch could be used to monitor frame integrity (by checking its port FCS error counter). Without a counter on the switch you can only check for missing packets that you expect to be received.

run some kind of program to verify the Device ports function. Is this possible?

Should be – programming and product recommendations are explicitly off topic here though.

I do not think this is a viable situation with a level 2 switch, but maybe possible with a level 3.

A layer-3 switch certainly requires configuration for that, a “more elaborate setup”. Without configuration, there’s no difference between a layer-2 and a layer-3 switch. Of course, “layer 3” means IPv4 or IPv6 that your device needs to speak.

An alternative I have is to create a Tester with 16 network ports.

That won’t work without a more elaborate setup. With simple switches or unconfigured, managed ones, multiple links between switches create a bridge loop, causing a broadcast storm and bringing down the network. So, the simple method is to test ports sequentially.

We could perhaps provide more specific help if you would tell us more about the device in your question.