This Startup Is Trying To Make A Human Brain For AI

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Can machines think like humans? UK-based Stanhope AI is tackling this by looking at how our brains work.

They’re not trying to make machines as smart as people (that’s really hard!). Instead, they’re building AI that learns from the world just like we do, using sensors to see, hear, and feel things around them.

Stanhope AI’s secret sauce? It’s all about mimicking how our brains predict and understand the world. Just like our brains, their AI can make guesses about what’s going on, which saves energy and helps them learn faster.

But here’s the cool part: Unlike other AI that needs tons of training, Stanhope’s AI doesn’t need that. It’s built to understand the world from the get-go, kind of like giving it a basic set of beliefs and letting it explore and learn on its own.

And it’s not just theory—Stanhope AI is putting its technology to work. Their AI can ride on drones and robots, helping them navigate and make decisions all by themselves. They’ve even partnered with big organizations like Germany’s Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation and the Royal Navy to test their tech.

This startup is trying to make a human brain for AI
Stanhope AI’s innovative approach to AI, inspired by neuroscience principles, promises to revolutionize the field by enabling machines to learn and adapt autonomously, without the need for extensive training (Image cerdit)

But it hasn’t been easy. Scaling up their AI from lab experiments to real-world use took a lot of brainpower. They had to figure out new math tricks and find the right hardware to make it all work.

One big thing Stanhope AI focuses on is making their AI understandable. They want you to know why it does what it does, just like you’d understand a friend’s actions. That’s why they’ve designed their AI to be transparent and easy to explain.

With backing from investors and a team of smart founders, including Professor Karl Friston and Dr. Biswa Sengupta, Stanhope AI is leading the charge in making AI smarter and more helpful in our everyday lives.

So, while we might not have robots that think just like us yet, Stanhope AI is definitely bringing us closer to that future. And who knows? With their brain-inspired technology, the possibilities are endless.

Featured image credit: Eray Eliaçık/Bing