Turn Ticket Resolutions Into Articles

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An updated knowledge base is an essential part of an organization’s self-service offering. But keeping it updated is no easy task. What if you could have artificial intelligence (AI) work for you and help you with Knowledge Management? That’s what InvGate Service Desk Knowledge Article Generation feature does!

According to a report by Microsoft, 88% of respondents expect a brand or organization to offer self-service support, and 66% begin with self-service when in need. So, it’s crucial to have up-to-date knowledge base articles to avoid frustrating your users and to decrease the ticket volume your help desk has to handle.

Let’s see how this new capability can help.



What is InvGate Service Desk Knowledge Article Generation?

The Knowledge Article Generation feature allows you to transform service incident resolutions into knowledge articles drafts in under 30 seconds. The result? Time savings for help desk agents and updated knowledge base for the rest of your employees.

This new feature is part of InvGate Service Desk AI Hub, a series of capabilities that put AI in the service of IT teams to enable every other team in the company.

How to turn help desk ticket resolutions into knowledge articles


Let’s say an end-user submitted a new issue – something a bit strange that you’ve hardly seen before – and you managed to fix it and are very pleased with how the solution turned out. Until now, you would have to take that information, open the knowledge base, and manually create a new article to add it to the database.

Now, after you solve a ticket, you can choose to convert it into an article draft by clicking on the “Generate” button in the dialog box with the magic wand above the ticket. The system then takes in the primary details from the initial request and the main activity that took place in order to solve it and generates a first document leveraging generative AI.

In less than 30 seconds (according to internal testing), the rough copy is done, and you can start the review, edit, and submission process for its approval.

3 benefits of using AI for Knowledge Management

Implementing AI in your knowledge base entails three main benefits:

  1. Automated drafting: You can automatically generate a draft for a knowledge article based on the resolution details from the ticket and avoid starting from scratch.
  2. A complete knowledge base: By automating the initial stages of article creation, this feature encourages agents to submit more articles, and thus makes the dream of a complete and updated database achievable.
  3. Self-service promotion: If you accelerate the availability of relevant and accurate information in the knowledge base, you’ll give end-users more and better self-service options.

To sum up

AI can have multiple uses for IT support. You can use it to generate AI responses, summarize tickets, and create knowledge articles. 

Combining AI and Knowledge Management can go a long way and impact the business significantly. In fact, we also added AI capabilities to our Virtual Agent, so that it can offer your end-users with contextualized knowledge article summaries.

In this case, by being able to create a draft article in less than a minute, you’re easing the first step and encouraging them to start. With just a button and the help of GenAI, you’ll have more articles on your knowledge base, fewer tickets created, improved collaboration thanks to better knowledge sharing, and ultimately an up-to-date resource for your entire company. Plus, you will be capturing valuable insights from incident resolutions on the go!

And this is just one feature included in the AI Hub. If you want to enable your cloud instance’s AI Hub, just go to Settings >> AI Hub and activate it! The free beta is available to all cloud customers. 

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